My story is limited one; my life is unlimited.

No one knows my measure; I am the measure of All.

I am the "I" that has become all "I's."

My way is not to tell you, but to make you do.

I dont know anything; I know everything.

You are all my children, wheather you sit here by my side or stay eleswhere, whatever your age and who ever you are.

The true mother feels that whoever she sees is her child.

All of you, my children, are the objects of my worship

Your well-being is my happines.

I don't keep a list of virtues and wises.

A mother is incapable of seeing any wrong in her child.

My cast is that of the sperm and the oveum.

I don't ask anyone to stay here, and I don't ask anyone to leave.

I have no forget fullness.

Real goodness is seeing the goodness that is in all.

Grace is compassionate look which doesn't discriminate.