The most deeply moving incidents in Mothers life are deeply moving for the simple reason that she is the “Mother of All". “The Mother who begets all mothers, the Root Mother". In every context, what radiates is her love. Love whether one is childlike in surrender, childish in bizarre behavior or downright crude and vulgar. It doesn’t matter to her how or why people behave in the way they do. She finds them as her pups and pets, not puppets driven by a willful destiny.


Recall the incident in which a radical group - indeed miscreants - akathayi- attacked the Jillellamudi sacred space. As Kondamudi Ramakrishna reports: “though they were only twenty persons, they created the impression (rather, illusion) that they were hundred-strong, they didst have many weapons, but they terrified everyone with the illusion that they had innumerable, deadly weapons, they roamed all over the place, broke the locks, the doors, ripped open the almirahs, exploded bombs and poured forth all kinds of obscenities.....they desecrated the entire place and behaved worse than any demon, even any animaI". lt was incredibly inhuman behavior.


How did Mother respond? The question is naive, if not foolish. She responded in the only way she does:I've'. She was not bothered by the ideology of the rich - and - the poor divide, which perhaps swayed (sways) radicals. She knew that such acts are signs of insecurity. Insecurity which arises, in turn, from the absence of concern and care, indeed, absence of love. What they took from her forcefully was her incorrigible love which she would in any case give. Give gracefully.


Mother is incarnate Shakti, omniscient, omnipotent. Couldn’t she disarm them if only it was her iccha? Mother who deludes the entire world by her mahamaya couldn’t be deluded or deceived. If she does appear like that, it is an enactment, an acting to awaken, even the apparently degraded child, a miscreant, to the fact that he or she (or s/he!) has the right to her love. No demands are needed. No demonstrations are warranted.


But the enactment - her Leela - is perfect. She did everything to ensure the safety" of those staying with her. Father was requested to go to another floor. A valiant devotee Gopalakrishna Murthy – was “posted" as a safeguard. Of course, she did the most important thing: declaring that a child is the Mother's wealth and a Childs wealth is money," she collected money. And giving the Marxist philosophy its real spiritual base, she affirmed: "Some children ask and take. Some take without asking. Some others take after creating a lot of trouble. The miscreants, who came are the third category.


Everything that Mother does is predesigned and well- designed. Well - designed so that, perhaps, pan of the bad karma of the ‘dacoits' was annulled. This seems to me to be the real motive. Mother didn't prevent it from happening: for that would be tampering with the Design which, whatever our views are, is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Therefore, the “plan” has to unfold itself. To that tact, we may have varied responses, depending on our pre-dispositions. But the fact remains a fact. The miscreants as a matter of fact - attacked!


Comparably, recall how Mother reacted when a devotee felt agonizes on hearing one Venkayya abuse Mother violently. The devotee told Mother: “That fellow Venkayya has abused you with such a foul mouth that one cannot even describe. I feel so angry, so outraged!" Mother smiled and said: you devotees praise me with Ashtottara and Sahasranama stotras. Don't you? Attacking and abusing me is also the same. If you worship me with all those stotras, then abusing also is a kind of worship." And she added, don’t get hurt." The devotee has to be consoled, the abuser has to be defended.


Isn’t Mother paradoxical? Yes, but not more than other-comparable figures are. The analogy would be a sword and a shield: the one protects, the other strikes. Both are made of the same material. In this sense, the vilifier and the devotee are all of Mother’s “material". As she once said startling us, as it were, out of our wits: why cant l use the Sivalinga to crush soap nuts?" Heretical it sounds. But with Mother the holy thing is also a useful thing. We place the holy things on a pedestal and they get eventually on the shelf!


When the mischievous people were brought to her by the police, she simply said: Serve them some coffee now, and afterwards give them food. They are tired, coming a long way." Nothing else. For, nothing more is needed. Her darshan is everything.


One should, however, be cautious. Mothers acts and responses are context - based. You cannot generalize them into a textbook of ready-made - ready - to - use recipes of wisdom. Mother's acts have reasons which reason cannot fathom. For, our reasons are human versions depending on only one dimension. And we not only pray to her for help but also suggest the manner of helping. That's where I “think” Mother puts her foot down and says: Thus far and no further!" Let us ponder over Her words:


Gods grace is always there. But you recognize it only when things happen in the way you want. And you recognize even God only when he happens to be in the form you imagine. Otherwise even if he appears before you, you won't recognize Him.


Don’t we? I think we do. And his/her name is Mother of All,


In the silence of the heart,
Stillness of the mind and
The serenity of the soul.


In the whisper of the breath,
Beat of the heart and
The pounding pulse.


Thus ever with MOTHER in this sojourn on earth.


Prof. M. Sivaramakrishna
Mother Of All (English) | Vol.4 | October-2005, | No.7