It was a pleasant afternoon when I could get our father Sri B. Nageswara Rao into reminiscing about his own perceptions of the miraculous about Mother. I share them with the readers –


In a very general way tether said that one of the remarkable phenomena he noticed was that whenever be suffers from serve headache - which was more or less a trait in the whole of his family he fell asleep as soon as Mother touched his forehead.  Besides, he found that even though Mother suffered from very painful and dangerous ailments over prolonged periods of time, her face remained as bright as ever. For instance, in 1942 Mother had a miscarriage and none recognized the fact till three days after the death of the fetus. She was rushed to the hospital at Chirala. Father said that Mother was somehow relieved of the dead fetus by the presence of mind of the nurse. But he was surprised to find Mother’s appearance being bright as ever.


Father added that he first became anxious at the fit from which Mother seemed to suffer. He recollects that the fits started somewhere around 1936 and ended with the birth offer eldest child Subba Rao. She had to be rushed to Bapatla on a cot, carried by a couple of persons for medical aid.  The fits, he said, were characterized by clenching of teeth, falling, weeping, talking without any sense, wrongly identifying persons, and failing to recognize even father properly.  He clearly remembered one such occasion in 1949.  When everyone was worried about her condition, she signed to all to be patient till 3. P.M on that day by which time she came to normalcy.


Father recounted that in 1965 Mother one day told him of events in his life that occurred in 1953 which she had no chance of knowing, one of them being an attempt of his life by rivals in the village faction.


In 1956, when she was making ready to serve meal to father and a guest, the spot between her eye-brows suddenly burst open and a jet of blood shot out in a spurt.


Mother immediately pressed her hand against the spot for a few seconds. When she took off her hand, he only found a small quantity of sacred ash in its place.  Mother distributed that to both of them as a token of her grace.


In 1957 he was surprised to notice that Mother’s person emitted strange scents. Every object that she touched be it clothes, food, stone or anything, smelt strongly in a pleasant manner and even the very movement of her body produced the same. The clothes which she held for him smelt sweet even at her a few washes!


It is very rarely that he yields to any requests to speak about the unique features of Mother as he observed them, and on one such occasion, he gave us these glimpses for which we are all bound to be grateful to him.