Sri J. F. Nieland is another pilgrim to Mother from the Netherlands.  He stayed with Mother at Jillellamudi for more than five weeks this July and August, and returned home, hoping to come back in January 71. We present to our readers, an essay by this engineer philosopher.  who believes that Mother can be approached along  the path of emotion as well as intellectual understanding. -- Editor


When we surrender ourselves to AMMA we empty us mind completely, that is as much as it is humanly possible to give away the nature of our being.  Not your nature, but your being itself must be given away.


And when we empty our mind in this manner. There is Peace, silence and forgetfulness. And all problems have changed their faces when we are confronted again with them or even they may just disappear, dissolve into nothingness. And thereby prove that problems are really of an illusory nature, only of passing importance.


We should surrender with the whole of our heart the whole of our being, and keeping nothing for ourselves.  That is when tears start to flow and a silent transformation is taking place. It is then that the basis of our being, (call it soul if you like) is shaken into pliability. Into broad mindedness, into wider vision.


And then we find ourselves greatly relieved, of what, we often do not know.


Surrender is the Path and the Goal at the same time. We do not need anything else.  Surrender puts us at the complete mercy of Brahma. Or AMMA, who is then rapidly talking away all sorts of barriers and reducing them to nothingness.


Yes, brother and sitter doubters.  Even if we do not surrender, we are still at the mercy of Brahma- AMMA.  When you surrender, please do not surrender your body.


It is your body that kneels and bows. But you must not believe your body to be yourself.


When you honestly question yourself, you will realize that your ego (somewhere inside) is much closer to your body.


So, surrender yourself with all your outer and inner possessions, and know how peaceful it is to do so If surrendering is difficult because of ignorance, confusion, or disturbance from within or without. Please put your trust in Amma, or Brahma, the only unchanging Essence of life, of death and Eternity. The permanent Essence of all the visible and the invisible world, and all of the conscious and unconscious world.


And then you kind find Calm is descending into your heart.


Surrender all of you to Mother, or   trust Mother completely.  But also remember that Mother has created you to do Her work, and that this task is to be done.


If we surrender with the purpose of getting rid of our task, or the tendencies that Mother has put into us. We will then be just lazy and ignorant.


It is not the so-called duties, that mother or, asking us to do. No, Mother wants us to follow our inner tendencies to do our swork, as far as we are humanly capable of doing so.

J F Nieland
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.05 | December - 1970 | No.09