MAN prides on his intelligence. He plains, he builds, he invents, he walks in space, but fails in small things. He is no match to a mosquito which, enters his mosquito-net and goes on teasing him the whole night-what happens to him the next moment is as closed book to him.


Hitler Kennedy and Gandhi, thought powerful personalities in their own way, never had inclining of their deaths;nor we ,the smaller once.


A Vivekananda had to fall at the feet of the unlettered Ramakrishna to be initiated on the path. Jalalluddin Rumi had to follow the way-farer through hills and dales to unburden himself of all his learning with which he fed his brain-donkey all the long years of his life.


A simple, unlettered woman reveals the mysteries of life in plain, homely language, whereas the pundi, the intellectual giant, fails to convey them with his word-gymnastics.


Reading, reading and reading, listening, listening and listening, one lands himself in utter confusion and goes round and round the same point again und again till he gets utterly exhausted.


What; has happend to Arjuna, the hero of many battles and a scholar who learnt all the shastras? He was out-witted by the simple- problem--To fight or not to fight". It needful a whole scripture to make him unlearn his learning and switch him on to the right path. And, it needed an Avatar, a God-man, to do this.


Ravana. (ten-headed), the greatest. intellectual, one who commanded all the elements by his power had to bow down before an intensely disciplined human. with a highly developed power of infuition again an Avatar.


This is not to say that Intellect has no place in this world. It’s scope is very very limited. lt cannot fathom the deeper and more mysterious things of life which only an intuitional genius can do.


The man of intuition is face to face with God or is God himself, He or she . We call them Drashtas., what they say, they see and experience.


A mere fleeting moment of that divine experience is any day more precious than all the acquisitions of' this world. And that can be had only by the grace of “Perfect Master”


It would be futile attempting to measure the greatness of Perfect Masters" with our poor intellect for the simple reason that they are far far beyond the sphere of our intellectual perception.


This is the reason why those who go to Perfect Maters with an air of intellectual arrogance in older to test their greatness return completely damned and defeated.


If, on the other hand. one approached them in a spirit of humility and sincerity even if he is a sinner, he can expect from them a. cool shower of love and compassion, of which they are embodiment.


Their sayings do not fake the circuitous routed of intellect. They come direct from the very core of Truth. They are spontaneous. They throw light on the~ darkest corners of the mind.


Form all accounts, it appare that the Holy Mother of .Jillellamuadi is the very embodiment of love, and far far above the sphere of Intellectual perception.



Dr. Sankara Sree Rama Rao
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.9 | October-67, | No.1