In Jillellamudi village of Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, there is a noble lady called "AMMA". The Holy Mother Ammaji says that all beings-all creatures - Men, women, animals, birds, plants, trees etc. are the form of GOD and that GOD is no other than this Universe - See how real and factual our Ammaji speaks. What our AMMAJI says is true. The messages of the men of the past, present and future will always have universal appeal and they all agree that the gist and when folded all will look like ONE MESSAGE and when unfolded they go differing with each other since the interpretations vary from Messenger to Messenger, from Teacher to teacher.


God I see in an Atom

In every thing I find an Atom

In me there is an Atom

In you there is an Atom

In animal there is an Atom

In plant there is an Atom

All Atoms joined together in me makes Form

I find Atom in me, and God in that Atom

I find Atom in you and God in that Atom

In you and I there is God

My Form, Your form, all forms

make a universal Form.

That is the Form of God.


A little more is given below about the Mother from Jillellamudi situated at a distance of seven miles from Bapatle on the road of Pedanandipadu. This is a true story of the living person known as "Mother" (AMMA) to all living beings. At her residence "MATRUSRI NlVAS" the House of All - the mother greets the visitor and enquires whether he had his food and arranges for the food. 'flue Irrespective of religion, caste, creed and sex everyone is served food.


ANASUYA is the mother born on 28th March, 1923 to Sri Sitapati and Smt. Rangamma of Mannava village in Guntur district. She was married to Sri Nageswara Rao. She has two sons and a daughter HYMA (Hyma died in April, 1968). Mother had no education. She says that her owen, broom, pastel and mortar and the kitchen knife are her four Vedas and the winnower is her fifth Veda. People who observed her closely from childhood narrate some unusual instances They are (1) she hardly ever took any food, (2) at the age of three years she entered into a trance state (3) Many learned people have acknowledged that she is endowed with superhuman knowledge (4) she never sleeps-she says sleep is for- getfulness (5) she leeds every visitor-she says, I am not feeding, they are taking what is theirs. From 1956 onwards many people from various places professing different faiths are visiting the MATAJI and chant JAYAHO MAATHA SREE ANASOOYA RAJARAJESWARI SREE PARAATPARI.


The mother has given the following answers to certain enquiries made by visitors:


(1) She had not indulged in any spiritual practices or austerities.


(2) Her state is a state of Reality.


(3) She does not differentiate between GUNAS.


(4) She has not particularly seen God. All that she sees is consciousness and in her view there is nothing INANIMATE. As all forms are HIS-He is formless, as all actions are His-He is actionless, as all volitions are His-He is volitionless. God has created this Universe because He is creator. There is no greater knowledge than stating that ALL IS THAT (SARVAMIDAM TAT).


(5).She does not prescribe any method or practice for salvation. She says that it is wrong to say that one particular method is easier or greater than the other one.


(6).She tells that whatever is suggested to the mind is the best way to follow since your volition is that. Do whatever you think best and whatever is possible. You shall get it when the time comes, since all volition is that.


(7).Basis for thought is volition. Thought results in action.


(8).Basis for volition is volition it self is that. The same volition is responsible form both-virtue and vice.


(9).She feels that there are no special syllables or MANTRAS which can give power. It is only one’s mind that can create power. She encourages enquiry. She says enquiry is MANTRA. Her PANCHAKSHARl What is this? And ASTASHAR is What really is this?


(11). As regards Gurus, she says one who gives you the revelation is the revealer. There is no other Grace than your ideal itself. There is no other Guru than THAT. Guru is one who can make you to cognise the unknown.


(12).There is no better teacher than the circumstances.


(13) As regards marriages she said- For a married women the best way to attain salvation is to see her husband as the Divine" The husband must also see in the KEY TO SALVATION


(14) Constant remembering is itself an offering.Constantly experiencing pining for a thing is in itself devotion.


(15) Tears don't mean just drops from eyes. They are end product after the incineration of all attachments and aversions and all dualities. That itself is MAHA YOGA. What people commonly think as HATA, BHAKTI, JANANA NISHKAMA KARMA is that. ALL is THAT.


(16) Light may not be conscious of its own role or of its usefulness but still it is guiding many. Similarly, your constant remembrance is leading you to purification When that is completed, you yourself shall become a become of light.


(17) The source of motivation for all thoughts is the same and hence to slight one is not correct.


(18) Every work even attending to daily routine done with the right spirit Is nothing but devotion.


(19) She is against all Superstitions. She totally discounts the phenomena like evil charms or black magic. She scientifically tries to explain that they are the results Of neurotic disorders.


(20) She discounts Astrology. She questions as to how the exact location of planets can be computed by Astrologers when they are travelling at astronomical speeds and finally asserted that Dates do not change the fates.


(21) She does not perform any miracles such as materializing ashes, watches. Rings, UDI, Ornaments or at least fruits. She says that creation itself is the biggest miracle. Faith based on miracles is short lived and perhaps leaves if the miracles are not repeated. Hence she spurns (exhibitions. Some people who visited the MOTHER says that they have experienced miracles in their lives after visiting the Mother.


(22) To those who come to seek relief from difficulties she says - In the same way as you are experiencing suffering, the relief also comes in course of time. THAT which has given you these sufferings shall also give you the relief when the time comes.


Mother is the ocean where all rivers converge - all schools of thought merge in her presence. The dividing walls between different religions are loosened here and the Himalayas between materialism and idealism vanish into thin air in her presence. Mother says the very idea of coming to see me is something. Coming to me is higher thing and seeing me is attaining-


Willing to see her is HATA YOGA

Seeing her is Bhakti Yoga

Talking to her is Jnana Yoga

Praying to her is Karma Yoga

Receiving her blessing is Maha Yoga


N. M. Yusuf Ali Khan
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.16 | November-1970, | No.5