The present writes began his ‘Spiritual career’ while studying at a British University for his Law Degree in a rather sudden and unexpected way. While passing time in the library one day, he felt himself drawn to one of the stack room in the basement of the building where me old and little read books are kept.  He walked to the end of a line of books and found himself reaching out for a particular book in a dusty corner. Hs took it down and started to read it. It was “Raja Yoga” by Swami Vivekananda. The Opening words of the book produced an extraordinary effect on him, he sat there, fully absorbed oblivious of time and surroundings and read the book from cover to cover. Up until that time he had no interest in spirituality, religion philosophy or such things all he “knew" about Yoga was that perhaps it had something to do with standing on the head?  He also thought that those who took an interest in such things were either cracks irrational and weak-minded at best, or simply deluded fools. This encounter with Swamiji’s words swept away all these notions. Suddenly, he was forced to realize that he had no answers at all form the only questions in our lite that really matter, which questions were pressing themselves on him with a sudden intensity-what is this life? What is death? What is this body? What is this mind? What should a human being be doing in this world?


Though the book provided, at least temporarily answers for some of these, it raised more questions than it answered. It also produced charge in his life style The life of indecent studies and hectic pleasure - seeking which he had been leading up to that time lost its thrill everything seemed dull and lifeless. While in this state of turmoil he was faced with a decision what to do after leaving the university, sitting alone one night wondering what to do. He heard a voice within him distinctly say "Go to India". Hs had read in "Raja Yoga" that India had always been the special home of Spiritual pursuit but he had no idea that since so many years literally thousands of people from all over the world have been coming to India in search of spiritual enlightenment, only after reaching India did he find it Out. He had also read in the book that the one essential thing in any serious spiritual practice was the guidance of someone having direct experience of the process, that there are people even today living having such direct experience al Reality and that they alone are competent to guide another. So his aim became quite simple, to go to India and there to find a living saga who could set him on the right path.


After undergoing various vicissitudes while travelling overland to India we Turkey, Kan, and Pakistan, he was blessed to step on this sacred soil for the first time in September 1973 at the age of 21.


He travelled to various places in India such as Rishikesh, Srinagar, Haridwar, Puri, Jagannath, Madras, Tiruvannamalai and many others got the purpose of meeting Saints sages, and he did in fact, come into contact with various great saints amongst whom were Sri Ananda Mayes Sri J. Krishnamurthy, Sri Poondy Swamiji and Sri U.Goenka a Burmese Indian teacher of Buddhist meditation. From them he learned that spirituality is not a matter of lecturers’, precepts, scholarship system of intellectual analysis etc, but that is an actual force, an Energy which radiates from a real sage, which can be directly perceived by one attuned to it, and which transforms those exposed to lt. He also learned to distinguish between a real sage and their imitators (who abound in this country, and who have, at best, noting to offer except empty words), by the presence or absence of this Energy in their immediate Presence. He also understood that the endless disputes and discussions about the path this Guru or that, this Upanishad or that Holy Book have nothing whatever to do with real spirituality.


 In February of 1975 he reached the Ashram of one of the greatest sages of India, Sri Ramana Maharshi of Tiruvannamalai, who by his silent presence alone inspired and guided thousands of seekers of Truth. He found that the "presence" of Sri Ramana is still very powerful, experiences and guidance to sincere seekers, even though He left his mortal from 32 years ago, he used to feel exactly as though he was sitting in the presence of a living Master.


After staying in the Ashram for two months, one day he was walking down the road in from of the Ashram when he found a crowd of people outside the house of Sri Chalarn (the well-known Telugu writer who spent he later years at the feet of Sri Ramana, on enquiring what was going on he was informed that a lady saint was giving Darshan inside Chalam’s house. He went inside and saw AMMA for the first time. Until that time he had neither heard Her Name, nor seen Her Pictures nor did he know even of her existence.


So the people see her and go away finding nothing in her. Others see nothing at first and later on come to see something. In the case of the present writer, in the very moment of seeing Mother he understood that here was a True Sage, a living Embodiment of the Divine Energy, in whom all the marks of spiritual realization which he had experienced in other sages were manifested strongly. From the very beginning that faith and experience were there, and they continue up to the present day.


After some days he left Tiruvannarmalai and came In Jilleillamudi, keeling as he still does, that he was coming home. Apart from a small stay of two mom's in U.K to settle some affairs in 1975 he had been staying continuously in Jillellamudi until now and has no plan or thought of going anywhere else. He has reached his journey’s end.

James Campion
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.17 | December 1982 - January 1983 | No.9&10