Many great persons wrote own Autobiographies and many biographies have been written about Mystics.


The story of Rama was written by sage Valmiki, it is known that Sri Rama visited Sage Valmiki. But, it is not known whether Ramayana complied by sage Valmiki after knowing the whole story of Rama or he did it knowing by Divyadristi, what is going happen before the events started.


Likewise, the epic “Bhagavatham” was compiled by Sage Veda Vyasa. Again, it is not known whether Sage Veda Vyasa did it during the life time, before or after Sri Krishna.


The biographies of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharshi were wriiten by someone else collecting material during and after these personalities.


The “Auto-Biography of Yogi” was written by Paramahamsa Yogananda and chitsakthi Vilas” by Swami Muketananda. That is they wrote about themselves. Similarly, many biographies were written during or after the life time of great personalities.


For what purpose all these were written. My understanding tells me that these were written for future generations to know the process by which they could the “Truth”. Their thoughts and the odds they faced or underwent tell us the ways to “Sadhana”.


The “Mahodadhi” the life of ‘Mother’ Anasuyadevi of Jillellamudi was dictated by herself from her birth in 1923 to 1940 during 1962-67. This contains important events from which we understand how the divine   personality led her life. Is that all. This is evidenced by the statement of Sri Yarlgadda Bhaskara Rao garu, who is very much amongst us.


The words of Mother were transcribed by Bhaskara Rao in his hand writing. It comes to more than thousand pages. For many, that which is transcribed by Bhaskara Rao is reliable document because it is evidenced not only by Bhaskara Rao but also those who were present at that time of dictation.


Why did she reveal her life up to 1940AD and not the rest? We do not know. Then what is in it i.e. in the revealed portion and for what real purpose.


During course of conversation by her with visitors, they heard her saying that “what all to be told has been said already. There is nothing more to be added’. She never preached to follow this method or that. Then how to know what “mother” revealed is that which needed to be known by us.


Yes, it is true that She declared not once but many a time that she done but the all-pervading Power (Shakthi).  It is all or something more. Did she say what the absolute truth is? For a casual reader, it appears as story replete with the description of a thousand crusifications and the discussions amongst Mother’s kith and kin about her and does not contains any description of spiritual practices. She herself declared that she did not do any Sadhana.


For a divine personality like “Mother” the need to tell the story of her life does not arise. It is obvious that there is something about the hard ‘Truth’ what is it?


For a discerning mind, the writings reveal hump teen number of times that “she is none but all pervading Power (Shakthi)”. This does not satisfy the traditional philosophers and scientists for they need adequate evidence of experience. Through her simple conversations with various enlightened person like Sri Chidambara Rao garu, a scholar and a renowned lawyer, Moulali,  Shyamala, Satyanaryana Bhagavathar,  Railway Station Master, and Railway Doctor who treated Rahi etc. She gave them experience while talking.


If so how are we to understand the incidents explained by her and find out the “Truth” By incessant study of these writings it revealed to me that She told the naked “Truth” through simple words and sentences unlike those Upanishad sermons which are still being interpreted by different philosophers in different ways.


For instance, she said that “One Supreme Power has become many,” since all names are his, He has no particular name, since all forms are his, he has no particular form, hence “He is formless and nameless.”  They may be thousand more such “Truths” contained in “Mahodadhi”.

Dr. T Rajagopalachari