And then when Mother Anasuya is looking at you full of understanding and compassion, so that tears start to flow, you then know that you have found your Mother. Not just a mother, but you found the Mother the Universal Mother. No, not the physical from of Anasuya Devi, but the all pervading AMMA, who is responsible for your birth and who will be responsible for your death.


Lay down your while self at Her feet and you will perceive what Motherhood means, what motherliness means, what your basic Essence is.


When you are  not directly   looking  at Anasuya Devi tears may also flow, even whilst you and she are separated by thousands of miles.


Bun when tears flow you understand that AMMA is close, that she is washing your inside clean. That she is just taking care of you, as always she does.


And then you feel the never-ending relationship which has never started.


Only you were confused, you could not see Her in yourself.


You could not see your own AMMA, your own Self. What a shame!


And there She was all the time waiting, quietly und patiently, like a real mother.


She is He, your God. Your Essence and your Creator. who in ever waiting you,and taking care of you.


What more do you want?

What more is there to ask?

Jayaho Matha Sri Anasuya, Raja Rajeswari Sri Paratpari

“You come to see Me, here, I always look at you”, is what Mother Says.



J F Nieland
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.9 | March 1975 | No.12