The physicists and astronomers are continuously exploring the Macrocosm. They now admit that what science could unravel is only an infinitesimal part of the Universe. Their concept of the World was only earth and the other planets of the solar system. But this solar system is only one and the tiniest of several such systems in the universe. The Mother of Jillellamudi once told this writer that the Suns in the other systems are much bigger and more brilliant and that the quest is endless and this endless effort is what is called Tapasya.


Science is self correcting enterprise. To be accepted, all new ideas must pass rigorous tests of proof. But to "Mother the proof is her own experience. She said how can I give my mental capacity, power to you to make you experience the way l have ? The quest is by oneself to ones own satisfaction. Absolute satisfaction depends upon the individual and hence the variety of experiences. The absolute satisfaction has to be bestowed by the "ONE" who brought your life and is a predetermined phenomena. One may have been a sinner all his life and suddenly one day by HIS grace might become a great Gnani, awakened individual. Some yogis attain this by Sadhana but all may not. Some attain without any Sadhana, and a few are born with the "AWARENESS" and become AWARENESS incarnate.


But Scientists claim that they have an edge over other approaches. Once a Scientist approached Mother with a sincere devotion and a desire (in my view) to have an experience of SAMADHI. She embraced him before he expressed his wish. This is what he told me. She released him after an hour, I asked him what was his experience, He said "NOTHING", I enquired whether any bliss or hardship ? He said "NOTHING", no feeling and he wondered when we told him that mother kept her grip on him for full one hour. He said he remembered all that happened before that embrace and after release. l asked him "ls that verifiable?" His reply, was There is nothing". How can nothingness be verified?" But this incident to me is verifiable as it was witnessed by many who sat there watching. She fed him like a mother feeding child with small bits of rice, ghee and vegetable making him sit before her and holding his head. Tears flowed profusely. He is not an Indian, but a scientist of HARVARD UNIVERSITY" and if I remember the date correctly was 22nd day of January, 1984.


On one night when she blessed Her graceful presence all alone to me, it occurred to me that I should know from herself about the experience of the said Scientist. Even before l expressed she suddenly got up and sat on the cot, and replied Your question is not capable of eliciting what you really needed to know. Had you put it in words, these words of your speech would have been too inadequate to express the meaning or convey the thought. When expressed, others understand some other meaning which is totally unrelated and when I reply you would not understand as you did not posses that experience before and so you will understand it differently. The spiritual experiences are personalised and cannot be compared adequately. What you understood from this incident was that the one hour when he was in that “STATE" was TIMELESS to him because he connected the situation before I embraced and the situation after I released and all that become only parent. Your concept of his past and his future was all present to him for he was unaware of his existence during that hour". But to you he was existing. “l am ever existing. I am infinite and I am all that is manifest and unmanifest" the talk ended."


I do not know if I properly or adequately expressed my understanding of Her explanation and the situation. I am too small rather insignificant with duality of experiences of life


Mother of All - January, 2001