Revolutionary Mother with illuminating Ideas: Mother’s teachings are revolutionary because they are at variance with the traditional approach. My friends asked me as to why and how they are different from the traditional teaching. Here an adventure into Her ideas hasty be attempted because my mind is finite where as Mothers mind is Infinite. However I will make an attempt to portray Mother as I understand. The history of Indian philosophy clearly indicates that any original thinker's teachings are bound to be different from the traditional teaching. For example each one of the orthodox Darshanas (Nyaya. Vaiseshika, Samkhya, Yoga, Uttara Mirnamsa, Purva Mirnamsa), and each one of the heterodox systems (Charvaka, Buddhism,Jainism), and the Prasthanas of Samkara, Ramanuja. Madhwa and others, in their own way, have broken off from the traditional schools of thought. ln their times they appeared to be quite revolutionary. The same took place in the rest of the world also when Christ, Mohammad, Confucius and Loathe appeared. Because their ideas appeared A to be revolutionary they had to undertake tours all over the country to propagate their new ideology or their new thought. They convinced people by reasonings, arguments, discussions. seminars, symposia and brought them round to their own line of thinking which was considered revolutionary at that time as the new ideas they preached were not in the conformity with the tradition. ln similar way Mother’s ideas are revolutionary and they donot conform to any set traditional pattern.


So automatically the question would arise whether Mother would undertake such journeys in the future as the Other great religious leaders and reformers did in the past. In answer l confess that l cannot predict what might happen in the future. Personally I do not think so. But She may attract the jivas to Jillellamudi convince and convert them to Her ideology. Suppose I am travelling on a road and my eye catches some dazzling reflected rays of lights. If l try to catch the light rays it cannot be done, but the light rays can lead me to its source which is a great and brilliant diamond whose value may but great that it cannot be estimated. l feel so happy to see it, feel it, touch it and if possible to possess it.


Even if cannot possess it, I will be happy in its presence. Similarly, i am a traveller treading a path in search of the truth.Some of the Mothers statements which reached me through my friends are the rays of light which caught my attention. Mother is the Diamond and the source of the light which is to be found at Jillellamudi. To be in Her presence. to see Her, and to touch Her feet is my covetous desire. The merger of my inner soul which is the finite with the Infinite soul or THAT or the universal consciousness which is the Mother is my ultimate desire. When l say that Mother is the source of light I mean She is the source of all True knowledge. I believe that as l am attracted by Mother so also others would be attracted and saved. Hence the need to undertake journeys to propagate Her teachings by Mother may not arise. She has Her own ways.


Here I recalled some relevant passages from the Holy Bible, It is described in Gen 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. lt means before this light came, the whole earth was covered by darkness. In this there is a symbolic spiritual meaning in this. Before the light came to this earth. I think, the whole world was full of sin based only on the pleasure principle. (Remember the Charvakas) The darkness of sin covered the heart of people That is why men have become "lovers of their own selves, covetous, coasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents unthankful, unholy without, natural affection, truce-breakers, false-accusers, incontinent. fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady. high-minded lovers of their pleasure more than lovers of God". Notice that God spoke and light appeared. Similarly from the Mother who is now at Jillellamudi the light of knowledge is emanating. Mothers word can bring light into the darkened heart of man.The entrance nlthey words giveth light.” I believe that if a sinful man will read, or hear and understand the words of Mother and receive Her into his heart, he shall be saved. God divided the light from the darkness" i. e. knowledge from ignorance. When light came, the whole earth did not become bright, part of it was light and part of it was still dark. The light of the world (Mother) has come, but all men have not received it. ln the Bible we read: I am the Light of the world' and I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. lt is true in the case of Mother. She is the Light, the Way, the Truth and the Life. Only a few received Mother, some bluntly refuse Her and others revile Her.Many more admire and honour Her, but refuse to believe Her words. lt is strange What is the explanation We find the answer in the Bible again Light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil" If a man loves sin and sinful pleasure then he will hate to come into the light which exposes his sins. There are two kinds of people in the world those who accept the light and come to the light and those who reject the light and choose to live in darkness. He came unto his own and his own received Him not". When the source of light-Moths-is amidst us some are not receiving Her and some are refusing and rejecting. Again it is said in the Bible (John l:l2 ) But as many as received Him, the them gave He the power to become the children of God". If you receive Mother into your heart, She will bring you out of darkness (ajnana) into Her marvelous light and give you the right to be called Her child Mother is the Universe, l came from Her and l return to Her: and all my actions during my life-time are due to Her initiation only. lt is a Faith and a Belief.


The question now to be answered is whether all religions and all the Holy Books are a like or are different and in what manner Mother looks at them. The different religionists falways praise their beliefs comparing and contrasting them with the theories and beliefs of others But Mother who revolts agains irrational traditional practices says: all religions are mine too She also asserts All The Scriptures like the Vadas, Upanishads Gita, Bible, Koran and others are alike for one who would practice them. Let me explain.


Mothers sayings are found in the principles of most of the religions in the world, and at the same time no one religion contains all Her sayings. Mothers ideas are fuller in extent than the tenets of any one religion. She teaches the fulsome or whole religion which is the fruition of all religions. So she is right when she says "...all religions are mine too. Similarly, to one who practices, all the scriptures are similar. Let us consider the massage of the Gita. Gita asks one to do his duty devotedly without thinking of the effects or returns because they are in the hands of God. Any one who follows this direction would act in the most dispassionate way with the spirit of surrender to the dispensation of God and without thinking of the fruits of his deeds or actions. The message of the Bible also is similar. According to the sermon on the Mount, the message is to act in a way to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth. Mother words, a good Christian would always be aware of Father in Heaven and try to do His will, and act in a most dispassionate way. In a way, it is complete surrender to God. To a Muslim, the Lord (ALLAH) is merciful though strict. The meaning of lslam is complete surrender to God. Hence the Gita. the Bible. and the Koran and other religious Holy Books are all alike to a person or to a jnani who practices sincerely. It means, the scriptures are different only to those who cannot put into practice the spirit of the scriptures. Like an ajnani he discusses or argues about the merits and demerits of each one of these scriptures. The message is almost same in all the scriptures. In this contest the question of Mothers message arises. She says Whatever experience overtakes you whether it is Pleasant or unpleasant, happy or painful, take it as given to you by God, and enjoy it. Trust that whatever you do is service to god, or belive that it is service allotted to you by God. The essence seems to be complete surrender to God without any reservations whatsoever. ln these words She makes explicit what is implicit in all the scriptures. Mother is a revolutionary. She contradicts age old ideas and She gives a new rationalistic interpretation to old traditional views. She denies the old belief of the reincarnation of souls (Transmigration). She declares that God Himself will induce everyone to do spiritual practice in his own individualistic way according to His wish only, and that there is no need to seek a spiritual guru for any initiation. She assures her visitors that salvation (Sugati) awaits every one after death. She gives out Her philosophy in such a rational way that there is no place in it for the age old belief in the theory of Karma. These are the main ideas in which She differs from the traditionalists or the sanathanists. These startling ideas of Mother needs some explantion and critical a examination.


Let us examine the idea of reincarnation. The idea of reincartion of souls is not an end in itself, but it is a means only to direct peoples attention to the necessity of detaching them selves from worldly pleasures and actions and turning their attention towards God. Different religions used different beliefs to achieve this purpose of turning people towards God. For example, according to one tradition every one of us is a sinner. We read in the bible :Sin entered the world, and death by sin: and' so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned". Hell-fire' awaits those who do not rigidly follow the conduct presribed. Christians believe that all persons who do not believe in the HOLY Trinity and do not follow the Bible are sinners and that they are thrown into the eternal fire of Hell on the Day of Judgment. Similarly, Muslims believe that all those who donut act strictly in accordance with the sayings of koran are thrown by God into the eternal Hell-fire. According to another traditional Hindu belief`. a man will have to go through countless births and deaths if he does not follow the sure way to salvation prescribed by his religion or a sathguru These are very ancient beliefs and are not very healthy. The reason is, the religionists or the traditionalists give more prominence or importance to these beliefs rather than the way of obtaining salvation. Many persons do this on account of ignoranance. Therefore some preceptors therefore by passed these beliefs and did not make them the constituent essentials of their teaching. For instance Swami Vivekananda proclaimed that a man is not a sinner but is essentially divine and that the goal of life consists in the realization of this truth in thought word and action An ignoramus would interpret Vivekanand’s words as a challenge to a fundamental belief, but a discerning mind sees in it a way of bringing the kingdom of God to this earth. The Swamiji is pointing to the essence of all religious including that of Christianity. ln a similar way Mother is pointing to the Ominipotence and Omnipresence of God when She says that His initiative only is working through each one of us. Out of ignorance and arrogance we do not realise this but think that we are the authors of all our actions. Only a surrender to His will which causes or produces all these waves of all our experience will shift the kingdom of God (Nishshreyasa) to this earth.


Now the problem is to know whether this complete surrender means that we need not do anything towards achieving the kingdom of God. When Mother says that all initiative is Gods She means that God works through us all. lt is only God who gives us thoughts, initiative, success, pleasure or disappoint ment. So we must carry out our ideas reverentially as service to God who is the real Author of these ideas. And we must accept all (whether pleasant or unpleasant) that He gives us. In this sense God Himself is the supreme Guru, and hence there is no need to seek a guru of this world. God works through you and me and each one in a way that is commensurate with the nature He endowed us with. But a guru of this earth will generally prescribe only one way of practice which he knows either by reading or through his guru and calls it the only way. That one particular method cannot he the solution for all spiritual evils' for all who go to him. (Hindu philosophy says that each one must find his own method of obtainitg salvation). That is why Mother says,Your mind is your guru because it is always guided by God or your conscience." So there is no need for any one to seek spiritual guidance necessarily from some guru or other. And that is why Mother insists on and says that one should follow the method with which he is happy and which he can carry it out successllully because it is the way God has presceibed it or him That is why no one can object to this and that is how Mother dispenses with the age old belief of an external guru.


However if one is able to secure a guru and do what all he prescribes and is happy and docs not come to any other person for advise and is able to carry on by himself like a Dhruva, or a vaalmiki. or a Christopher, it is quit: alright according to Mother. Mothers advise that there is no need for an external guru is applicable to only those who seek from Her an easy and best method of obtaining salvation.


The sequel to Mother’s saying that all the actions of an individual are caused only by God which are enacted through that individuals mind is that salvation (Sugati) awaits all at death. As all initiative is Gods this corollary of Sugati to all is inevitable. This universe came into existence at the Sankalpa of God and when we are sent into the world fresh from his hands or by His Sankalpa there cannot be any original sin or a load of Karma. And if He gives us all thoughts and initiative, He should not punish us for acting the role He Himself gave us. So it follows from it that as we are issued out of Him as sparks from fire. we get into Him after running through life in accordance with His directions. Suppose, X murders Y, the initiative to X to murder Y came from God, and if X is hanged for it the initiative for this action also came only from God and so on. As there is no initiative on the part of an individual for his actions then it follows that there is no original sin. and also for the same reason there is no place in this philosophy for the age old concept of KARMA on the basis of which people are made to believe that there is reincarnation (punarjanrna) to bear the fruits of his actions. ln other words, as Sugati awaits all at death the old concept of Punarapi Jananam, punarapi maranam has no place in Mothers philosophy.


Mother wants us to believe that we have absolutely no intiative of our own except the Initiative of His which works through us. It may be very difficult to believe this startling and revolutionary idea, but it will be more startling and most difficult to accept the accepted traditional belief according to which all living beings must experience, births, deaths and rebirths and go through the lives of each one of the eighty four lakhs of the different livings being or divas. (Orthodox Hindus believe that the Universe contains eighty four lakh defferent types of organisms.) And also it is very difficult to believe the believers in the reincarnation of souls when they assert that creation and Deluge (or Extinction) follow one another adinfinitum from the beginninglesstime and that all things existed in the Universe from the beginningless-time and that there is no evolution of life except Gods creation. The traditionalists had to postulate all this and the theory of KARMA inorder to explain our actions. They maintained as you sow you reap attitude and never came out of it. So in order to explain the pains and pleasures of this life they postulated the theory of karma and said that they are all the results of fruits of actions of the previous births, and when i was questioned again they had to postulate another devious birth before this previous birth and -so on adinfinitum -janmas, countless Creations and Deluges. This theory of karma and the idea of countless incarnations is too difficult to be accepted because they over shoot their mark and make individual souls more important than God. So there is a need to change it because it can never explain our actions. in precise terms. To put an end to all such purposeless discussions. Mother gives us the revolutionary idea that all actions are His and thus puts an end to the problem of births, deaths, and rebirths in Her philosophy.


The question what Mother offers us comes next. I believe than Mother offers us seven feet for a grave to receive the body, or the earth and winds and water to receive the ashes, and the outstretched hands of the Divine Mother (or Divine Power) to take our souls in. This is very large and what more do we require?


A.Kulasekhara Reddy
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.7 | October-72, |