The entire spiritual quest of mankind is centered round one basic question, How to control the mind and make it peaceful, How to prevent it from running after the sense organs. How to blunt its sharp edges and culture the mind?  In one word, how are we to master the mind and not be its servants.


The great sagas and saints retreated into the woods and practiced great austerities. They have subjected their bodies to all types of discomforts and strived with a single minded devotion to liberate mind from all desires. Even l though they physically removed themselves from all mundane temptations and spent year after year in the forests it was not always possible to conquer the so called Arishadvargas like anger, lust etc.. Sages like Viswamitra, after centuries of Tapas still fell prey to lust and anger. If such is the plight of sages and saints who had a single minded pursuit of mental emancipation as their life ambition, what hope do ordinary l mortals like us have, surrounded as we are by a million distractions of mundane world? What spiritual prescription would cure us of this mad rush for material gains? Above all, do we have any hope of success in perfect mastery of mind, at all?


Whether we can succeed or not, whatever be the method, it is incontrovertible that perception of the ultimate reality is impossible unless our mind becomes more peaceful and more pure. We may fail, but we will have to try.


It is now a well-accepted fact that conscious thought currents emanating from a human brain are powerful vibrations which affect not only the body of the concerned men, but also the minds of his fellow beings Professor of the Hamburg University disclosed that the radiations have been measured in the Soviet Union and other countries As mind forms habits by repeated association with persons and places some memories are stronger than others. Hypnotic age regression has proved that what is experienced by sight sound or touch is permanently recorded that by brain and can be remember years later, If our retrieval system is strong. According to scientists, a computer which can do all the functions of the tiny human brain requires, multistoried building to house it. Swamy Vivekananda likened the restless state of mind to the movements at drunken money which accidentally stepped on hot coats. Monkey by its very nature is restless. If it is drunk, its restlessness can be imagined. And it is the mind which we are seeking to control, to culture, to master and monitor. What a complex problem!


But the problem should somehow be tackled. If have to live more happily, the crooked thoughts must become more positive, as positive thoughts bestow energy peace and happiness whereas negative thoughts release tension, discomfort and sorrow. We have to transcend the boundaries of thought to realize the inner reservoir of strength within ourselves.


For all this, Amma has shown us the very easy path. What could not be achieved after years of practice, can be attained by a mere Dershan of Amma. The visitors to Jillellamuadi recall how in Amma‘s presence mind gravitated slowly but inexorably to deep silence, not merely a hushed absence of noise, but a silence which is at once deep and peaceful, stilling the wandering mind and holding it on, on the Lotus  feet of Amma. While in the outside world herculean effort is needed to repeatedly bring the mind back to one pointed  attention, in Amma’s presence a very conscious and deliberate attempt is needed to break the silence or to wean mind away from Amma's feet. Many people felt that spoken word is a distortion the deep bond existing between himself and Amma. People who have come to ask Amma to solve their problems. Sat absorbed in the Divine bliss spontaneously enveloping them in Amma’s presence and went back with e Divine experience that may would remember for the rest of their lives.


During 1974, 1975, when Amma travelled a major part of the state, it was common place to find vast congregation of people consisting of thousands of persons, slowly becoming more and more quiet and still.Untill finally the vast see of  humanity stood in a deep and incredible silence beholding the Divine Mother, with love and reverence. Each one of the persons present in the gathering gains a distinct feeling that there is a private and personal subjective communication between himself and the Divine Mother, Even momentarily, Amma has granted us the medication and peace without our conscious effort. In her own beautiful words seeing (Amma) is attaining.


Now Mother is sitting in the Sanctum Sanctorum of Anasuyeswarelayam. Ever since the idol is being carved, Amma has given hundreds of experience to establish that we have not installed a stone in the temple, but that She is present and guiding. We need not grieve that Amma has left the human frame, The transcendental meditation which used to dawn on us with natural ease in Amma's Dershan will continue to be granted to us from the temple. Let us visit our beloved Mother, the holy Shrine of Anasuyeswaralayam and the great kshetra of Jillellamuadi to purify our thoughts!





Dharmasuri Varanasi
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.21 | February | No.11