Amma visited Kanchipuram several years back and the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham was one of the places visited by her. When she went to the Math, it was a Little late in the night.


Several devotees of Aroma accompanied her. Sri Jayendra Saraswathi was sitting when Mother visited the Ashram and he gave a broad smile at Mother Darshan. Some devotee of Senior Acharya. Sri Chan-drasekhrendsa Saraswathi informed Mother than Swami would not give Darshan at such an advanced hour in the night. Mother asked them to inform him that she had come.


The Senior Acharya immediately came out of the Ashram and saluted Mother with folded hands, in a posture of supreme reverence. He stood there for a long time and after around 40 minutes Mother asked the Senior Acharya to sit down and told him that she was leaving.


The senior Swami did not sit as long as Mother was in front of him. Recalling the event much later, Mother said "He thought I was the Divine Mother whom he worships every day they don’t put Namaskaram to anyone in human form.


Thinking that l was the Divine Mother. He put the Namaskaram" The Senior Acharya of Kanchi is one of the most revered monks of this holy country end occupies an exalted seat in the hierarchy of the spiritual masters of the world', He would not have made any mistake in recognizing the Divine Mother.