Way Back in 1983, l was standing on the second floor of the House of All on the northern side facing Hymalayam alone with Amma.  The previous day a function took place in Jillellamudi and Kasu Radhakrishna Reddy chanted namam with enviable devotion and inimitable melody. Recalling the details of the function Amma said “I was very much afraid yesterday.  Radha was chaining namam with great devotion.  He was saying Om Hyma and then calling out "O! Hyma! I was worried that Hyma might come out of the Sanctum Sanctorum and if she does come out what can I do?" An incontrovertible statement and kind revelation from Amma herself that Hyma in the temple is not a mere idol. She is a living person, responding to every entreaty made to Her.


After Hyma’ s  physical death was confirmed by the well qualified doctors at Guntur, and after placing Hyma’ s  body in the Sanctum of the temple,  Amma touched Hyma’ s head and blood came out. Mother told the onlookers “even the warmth of the body will come back", speaking to Sri R.Lakshminarayana of Guntur Mother said "Hymalayam will satisfy the desires of the people.  Anasuyeswaralayam is for granting Jnana.


Sri R. Sri Rama Murthy of Narasaraopeta was childless for several years. On testing his wife, doctors said She cannot have any children due to some physical deformity.  The pious lady performed circumambulations in the temple for 40days and defying physical science, she had 4 children subsequently.  Sri V. Pandu Ranga Rao, an ardent devotee of Amma became a blessed father at the age of 55, having been without a child all along.   Komaravolu Seshu who was declared medically unfit for marital life performed Eksdasa Rudrabhishekam in the same temple for a few years and now she is happily married and has 2 children. There are innumerab instances of people who suffered from insoluble problems for several years and found comfort and solace at the lotus feat of Hyma.


Ramakrishna Paramahamsa once had a Divine Vision. 'He saw the Divine Mother fondling a small child lovingly, After some time, Mother changed her appearance, became the ferocious Kali, and killed the child. Speaking after Hyma’ s death, Amma said I did it naturally. Just as I gave birth to her, gave milk to her, l gave her death also" .In the last moments, Hyma could not see anything in the world except Amma's radiant face.  And looking into Amma. She merged in Amma.  Mother gave divinity to Hyma and installed Her in the temple so that the children of Amma will find solace at Hyma feet, have their needs met, and enter Amma’s abode with a heart bereft of any desires.


How fortunate we are, to have seen Hymalayam!  Let us congregate at Jillellamudi, to participate in the Lakshanamarchana at the temple on Fridays, let us touch Hyma’ s lotus feet and pray to O Hyma! Give us the pure devotion which draws us closer to your holy abode!”


Dhramasuri Varanasi
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.22 | August | No.04&05