In answer to your request, tell me more about the times you were held up in the Black Section of town.


Well, it was not too much after Martin Luther King left the body. Anyway, I was walking home from work approximately 2.30 am. I was walking through a park near Emmanuel Hospital and two black youth got out of a car and came towards me and asked if l knew Carl.  I said my name is Carl. But I do not think I am the one you are looking for. Then one asked me for a dollar for food.  I reached into my pocket and pulled out a five dollar bill. In the meantime one of the youths went behind me and picked up a wooden water-meter cover about a foot long ,6 Inches wide and about 2 Inches thick. and hit me on top of my head trying to knock me out. Fortunately, I had a thick sock cap on, and when he hit me, I was knocked forward but not quite to the ground. and I thought. "Lord. am I going out (Losing consciousness) ?" When I stood up. the other boy hit me with all his might, to take out (destroy) my voice box. so that l could not howl for help.  However my chin got on the way and he hit me on my chin and chest and I did a somersault and lay Hat on my back. The youth with the board stood over my head with the board raised high over his head. so that if I tried to get up, he could pound me down again The youths were both around 18 or 19 years old, somewhat bigger than myself. The boy that hit me with his fist, then Went through my pockets and took what money I had [which was $35] and ran to the car. The youth with the board then backed away from me.  I got up and said to him. "l don't have anything against you guys" and lt was as If l could read his thoughts which were "man I hit this guy hard and he has no ill-will toward me". He walked over and picked up the paperback lunch that fell out of my hand. when he hit me, and he brought it to me and gave me a little hug and ran to meet his friend waiting in the car.


I walked out of the park and half-way down the next block when I saw the two who had hit me coming toward me in their car. I thought, "lord what shall I do, shall I run or what ?" And the Divine consciousness within said. "Do whatever you feel like, you should do" Well, I did not feel like doing anything so I just stood there, and the car came zooming up to me. Anyway. the driver of the car said. "Don't run, we want to give you your money back". I replied. "no. you can keep it" and when l said that, the youth in the passenger side gave the driver another bill. He was holding back some money, but when I said, "no you keep it." he wanted to give it all back to me. Anyway, they wanted to return the money to me so I took it and gave them a 5 dollar bill and said. "here at least take this". And they took it and zoomed on their way and I started walking down the street again.


Early on the morning as the sun was rising. l was out on a park and I said to the Sun. "l wish you could have seen what happened last night" And within me I heard the still silent voice of Eternal Consciousness say. "I know all about it, For I was with you last might, and I am within you". This completely blew my wind and It dawned on me". The spirit that is in the sun, ls in me. lt is  omnipresent and this same spirit is within me.  [The spirit that ls within you and me ls omnipresent also). And l remembered, the words of my teacher, Anasuya Devi, who said, "Everything is the support of everything". Also. Anandamayi Ma said "Everything is Contained on everything". Wow!!! when one understands what these words really mean, these words are truly powerful.


"You become weak if you don't eat and I become weak if I don't feed."

"As long as you see divinity in others you become divine."

"It is better to bow before the poor than the rich."

"Life and living are both God given."


Gordon Westerlund
MotherofAll Querterly Journal | Vol.01 | April - June - 2002 | No.02