Why has Mother come down to this Earth? Is what Mother Anasuya Devi asked me?

I Answered that the degree of separateness (individualism) in this world is much stronger than ever before. To overcome this dividedness Mather had come down. The law of action equal reaction seems to imply that there must be balance between two opposite forces, this balance seems disturbed.


Mother replied that she is all qualities which we posses and also qualities which I have given her in my writing. And then she laughingly added that she had come down as separateness to give love and affection to the people. And how fortunate we arc, because Her philosophy puts an end to all quarrels and oppositions between different ways of thinking, different systems of philosophy or morality. It takes away all complications, complexities and exclusiveness of all the existing religions.


Because she indicates all, allows and excludes none. She just takes the burden from any bodes shoulders even if he does not ask as long as he desires to be lightened. Again, what is Mothers purpose; I do not really know, because how can I gauge, how can measure something that is far beyond my level of understanding. Of course I can make all sorts of speculative assumptions, but what is the use. Is it not enough that She is here. And besides lam tired of dealing with assumptions and speculations.


So let it be that Mother has some down to show to us such love and affection as is required do understand our unity with Amma. Our unity with life, all forms of life with you and me.


The long lost quality of love and brother-hood needs to be revived into a level that is producing peace and happiness.


Do you have any belief of your own?


No I do not have believe in anything .I am not interested in assumptions.


If I would believe and assume things I would also be the slave of so-called Teachers of Truth in the varied fields of human activities.


The absence of belief and assumptions has helped greatly in quieting this (my) mind.


Direct experience, direct perception is only thing of interest to me.


Why should I waste my time and energy on speculative assumption (usually adopted through fear)?


It is only direct perception which reaches beyond assumption into reality.


Whenever we believe something that has been said by other, we then only assume, and we are then victims, of ignorance, and the play ball of "Knower's, "including our own memory.


We should not believe but also we should not disbelieve. We should be open- minded.


How else can we expand our mind into unknown regions?


How else can we become aware of the basic Essence of Life and Death?


How else can we get rid of Vexations?

J F Nieland
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.05 | December - 1970 | No.09