What Shall I Do? [Mother means the Beginning`. We shall begin this number with mother's words]


It is the same whatever you do. Enough if you keep your mind completely on it.


I dont tell you to worship this Deity or that Let one worship whom he believes.


You do what spiritual practice you feel like, taking to it as one prescribed by me.


Whatever works are possible for you, you do. The easy way is that which is accessible.


There is nothing like the difficult path. There isn't the easy path either. Whichever you feel easy, that one is for you.


In the many works he tried, tell him to do whichever is happy und easy.


You know all. But you are not telling. It is because I know all that I tell you that what is possible for you is the greatpath.


whichever could do, that is the great way for him.


I haven't done any practice, hence all are great paths for me.


Yes. You could do practice even as a householder.


You tried praanaayaama, but could you do in through?


Whatever you have come to do, that you will do.


Shall I sing Sri Rajarajeswari?' "It is same whichever you sing. What is the speciality of than one?"


These guides that are, they prescribe a way. When you represent that you did not get results, they tell you that you did not put your mind in it.


I don't disapprove any practicae you do.


One likes meditation. Another prefers taking the name. That which is possible for one, that is agreeable to him.


Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.9 | October-75, | No.12