Mother’s room in the house of all has a roof which Evening Mother comes out of the balcony which is right on behind her room and the balcony which is right Spacious. She sits there about an hour to give darshan and walk to balcony for some time.


Shortly, before Mother comes out, many crows gather on the dome above mothers room and wait for Mother's Darshan. After Mother comes out and sits for a few minutes on the balcony, the crows fly off before mothers 60th Birthday, there was a congregation of crows sitting on Mother’s room and looking at them. Mother commented that they were discussing about what they heard regarding Feeding at Mothers 50th birthday, how crows had great Feast during that time. And how much they plan to ear During Mothers son birthday A few months back, Mr. Kondamudi Hanumantha rao and others were sitting in front of Mother and discussing about astronomy. The subject strayed towards animals And Mother said that every animal thinks about God, Divinity etc., just as human beings do. On some other occasion she said the dogs in jillellamudi do fasting in turns, and each dog fasts for a weeks’ time. The dog which is on fast will not eat anything at all. It seems. When Kasu Radhakrishna reddy was doing namam, a Few years back. A dog sat in his lap Radha was doing namam into the mike and the chanting extremely melodious. After sometime, apart from Radhas, one more voice could be heard in her mike. The other tone was surprisingly, able to keep pace with the various Innes and ragas That Radha was voicing. It was bound that the dog sitting in Radha’s lap was singing along with him.


Several years back, Doctor P. Subba Rao the famous Chirala doctor was talk ng to Mother about getting even a dog's life, so that he could he closer to Jillellamuadi Mother asked him; "What do you mean at beast dog’s life? How is a dog inferior?" There was a dog sitting right beside the doctor which immediately sat on his bind legs and went into a Sambhavi Mudra.


Last year a monkey came to Jillellamuadi from some other village. Soma of the rowdy boys in the village hurt the monkey grievously. It wandered on to Mothers balcony and sat there for 3 days without touching any food offered by the inmates of House of all. After 3 days, Mother Herself came out and offered the monkey some fruits and its fast was broken. The feeding by Mother was done for some time and the leg of the monkey improved substantially. it again strayed into the village and was once more hit by the rowdy boys of the village A veterinary Doctor was called in and as soon as he cleaned the monkey body with water, it died. Mother had the monkey put in the grave yard and is laid to rest with the chanting of nama and other rites.


The legend has it that Lord Vishnu camp down in 10 Incarnations to protect Vedas and righteousness. In one Incarnation. He took the form of the fish. In another, a tortoise. In the third, a pig, etc., Commenting about the various Incarnation Mother said that ha God had taken the form of so many animals, so that we would consider each of those animals a representative of God. Mother is Ina Mother of all, the humans, the animals. All being, the stone, the water Thoughts. Everything and everyone. No external shell of form is less deserving of mothers grace than another.