Ma Mayi !


Saranam! Saranaml! Saranam!!!


It was indeed a great blessing to my family and me when we were at Jillellamudi and had your benign darasan. This could never have happened unless it was so ordained by your will. How can I express myself what we felt when we all stood in the presence of the Greatest Mystery - the supreme Maya, the quest and the goal of Yogin, nay, of all humanity? Personally, it was indeed a baptism of tears, a rebrith in water and spirit.I felt like a prodigal, having come HOME at last ! I do not remember exactly what I blabbered in your august presence. I was excited, as it happens to any child who returns home to his Mother after a long absence, I wanted to put my arms about you and weep my trials and tribulations on your lap. But I was scared and so restrained myself.


There is nothing that can be hidden from you, Mother! you are the ' Antharatman.' This much we know, that it was you, who called us to your Loving presence on the 25th of January. A few days after our visit, in the hour past midnight, my wife who was half awake distinctly heard someone walking towards her and she felt a soft, warn hand grasping her by the right upper arm.She was half awake. We believe that this was you and you alone.


Mother, I have never sought after wealth. But why are we tried thus? All that I want to do is to build a temple for the Mother- this is my one aim. Today I have quite a few commitments which have to be cleared, for we are living in a world of hard realities. I have no one to fall back except you, the Mother. Nothing can happen except by your WILL.


Grace us, dear Mother.


Saranam at your Lotus Feet


Your Child."


O Mother, all is done at thine own sweet will ,


Thou art in truth self-willed, Redeemer of mankind !


Thou workest thine own work, men only call it theirs.


Gospel of Ramakrishna