Mother of All

“Dear Sriramachandra! You are indeed Lord Srimannarayana. Do not yield to despondency. Subduing the evil forces should be your goal. Protecting Dharma is your responsibility as also your aim.” When the great sage Vasishta spoke to Lord Rama thus,Rama replied … “I am the son of Dasaradha. My foot steps are directed by the destiny and I am bound to follow the Vidhi.


Lord Srikrishna declared through the celestial song .. “There is nothing else other than me. I am the Saama Veda among the Vedas. I am Garuda among the birds. I am the Margasirsha month among the months.. and I am God”.


The words of Kaavya Kantha Vaasishta Ganapati Muni ripened with intense Saadhana and Tapas to Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi .. “You are an Avatar of Lord Skanda. It is our great fortune that Lord Kumaraswamy is giving Darshan to us as Ramana.” Bhagavan Ramana’s unassuming response was,,” Know yourself. When that awareness is awakened, duality ceases.”


“Lord Rama of Treta Yuga and Lord Krishna of Dwapara Yuga culminated as this Ramakrishna” .. a startling statement by Paramahamsa to be remembered for all times.”


The enigma behind these events and words and their profundity are blessings to the nation. The revelations of such Avatars create a ripple in the seeker’s mind and initiate the urge as also search for Truth. These timeless words also help in the fruitful ending of the search for those already advanced in the path.


In tune with the Avatar’s manifestation and its divine plan, readiness of the nation, the intensity of yearning (Tapas) and the life’s stage of evolution, these mysterious sounds and sentences which emanated conversationally reflect the inner state and the innatenature of the Mahatmas. This dimension can not be grasped by one and all. Those who live their daily life resonating the spirit of Truth listen, adopt and experience the essence of these messages and reach the state of bliss. They attain the stage of Jeevanmuktas and live as free beings;achieve fulfillment in this very life.


When the seeker is not ripe enough or when he is careless, the words of the Mahatmas aretaken in the literary sense only and thus ignored. He is the looser. He will be unable to perceive the reality and relegated back in time. His life is wasted.


“I am the Mother of All” is the statement made by Amma. It is easy to make such a declaration. To Be Amma is not an ordinary mission. “What is meant by Mother of All?”


The reason for each being’s existence is Amma. There is no being with out Amma.Amma’s lap is the first school. Amma is the first teacher. Amma shows the Father (Ayya). Amma and Ayya together show the Guru (teacher who educates). Due to the grace of this trio, the being (Jiva) is able to perceive the God with in his own being.‘Mother, Father and Guru’ is the natural order and it is the correct order. Hence Amma is God. The word Deva means play. There is no winning or losing for Amma. Playing is for amusement. Leading a being to win is a pleasure for Her. Once a while she seems to enjoin and greatly enjoys when the enjoined being wins. Prodding a crawling one to walk, provoking a walking one to run and containing the running one is all a child’s play for Her. And it is all a part of the eternal game.


Amma is the foundation for unconditional love. Caring, carrying and forgiving comenaturally. Being the embodiment of forbearance, Amma with her causeless and limitless compassion and kindness wordlessly made inroads into innumerable minds softening them. Motherhood expressed itself on a cosmic scale on the universal canvas.


Showering immense love on all beings, established in a state of bliss at all times,Matrusri (Amma) exemplified the word motherhood. Perceiving everything from an ant to the Brahma as the Atma is the great eternal Truth Amma proved through her life.Many experienced fore taste of the Self-knowledge in her presence. Where is Ambasamudram and where is Arkapuri (Jillellamudi)?


Four decades ago, Swami Poornanda, embodiment of effulgence of Tapas had the Darshan of Amma at Jillellamudi. It was a unique event. His worshipping Amma later with his mother who gave birth is another experience. The spiritual Sadhana of Swamiji intensified and expressed itself in the three dimensions of Karma, Bhakti and Jnana paths yet intertwined as the one Triveni Sangamam. Swami Poornananda’s ecstatic statement .. “Amma is the Mother of All”.


The Sakti of Kameswara is in Kameswari. The Sakti of the child is in his mother. The Sakti of the one who does is in the One who makes him do. To see Amma in God is an exalted state and to perceive Amma as God is an experience. The Poornandam at its pinnacle is reflected in Srisailam. And it is the cosmic womb’s compassion.


Amma’s love is shore less sea of bliss! If we can perceive, infancy is one with infinitude (Sivam).


When there is an Amma to cloak will there be lack?


Article by Sri V.S.R.Moorty in Telugu; Translated into English by Sri S.Mohana Krishna