Truly, AMMA’s life Story
Verily like the saga of earth
At once touching and moving,
The mute suffering AMMA has undergone.


AMMA bore the brunt gracing others,
Just as the earth yields even so
When it is ploughed and pierced
Like the very gentle cow that gives
Milk even when hurt and put
To suffering, that is undue and needless.


Such forbearance has no likeness
Just as the mother earth bears
And endures all the abuse
And misuse she is put to by the
Living for their selfish, base ends.


AMMA! Several and many have
Scripted countless stories of your grit,
Silent acceptance of the suffering being
inflicted, yet unable to decipher,
Nor discern THY true method and mode
Even while centuries roll over before and after,
AMMA you remain an intrigue for ever
Little do we understand of YOU
The unknowing, lesser mortals;


Ignorant, worldly as we are,
THOU ever show us the path,
Leading us out of this mundane
Struggle to reach the shore safely.
Heedless of our human frailty and
All the evils we tend to give vent,
Like the mother earth that suffers
Our living and being with little
Grouse or groan without an end
AMMA, THOU are but the mother.


Each, patience personified and the
Very manifest ANASUYA, being
The very cause and source of
Dispassion, nondiscriminatory and
Evenly loving, gracing us all.


Profound salutations! To you AMMA,
The much personified mother earth.


Often times, quite a few thinkers, devotees, men of letters, pundits and spiritualists always compared AMMA with the mother earth for a variety of reasons. This analogy is what Brother Raju dwells on and elaborates on this likeness. These reflections on AMMA and the earth tend to be very close to the reality as witnessed by the persons around during AMMAS physical form.


Brother Raju has composed more than one or two lyrics on this theme of AMMA and her likeness to the each. In this song he reflects on the forbearance and endurance of AMMA which make us believe that AMMA is very much like the earth, suffering us all and our doings with little reaction.


Further AMMA'S posture of no difference, dispassion towards persons around HER which does not judge is also akin to that of the mother earth that accepts all living beings equally with little judgment. This in essence is the highly exalted state of Titiksha' meaning no reaction and total acceptance of the given lot.


AMMA herself, extolled the qualities of the mother earth and regarded the planet earth is worthy of worship. This very earth is but a gross form on which the entire life and living rest are sourced is verily worthy deity that merits the worship of one and all without any second thoughts. This AMMA pronounced in HER disclosed, published autobiography. This theme is the focal point in a childhood episode of AMMA in the temple at Bapatla.


Apparently the earth silently accepts all that is done to her without a plaint.


Earth endures all the mortals, or the living species do to make a living. Even many a time she is put to abuse and misuse without a cause. Yet there is little reaction from the earth.


Likewise AMMA chose the very lesser mortals who cause her suffering to lead HER life and conduct HER mission on the earth. Many were the events in which suffering, injury inflicted on AMMA. She accepted all this with little reaction or protest. She received the good, the bad, the vice, the virtue, the vile and the ugly equally with little difference. Loved them and cared for them all alike always. HER love overlooked the human failures and shortcomings even when she is exposed to the same with little respite.


SHE chose the ordinary, and lowly placed, to bring a change in them and better their lot not being choosy for the worthy or well placed. As the MOTHER OF ALL, she accepted one and all evenly. In this respect, she is very much like the earth that yields the food and fodder even when dug, ploughed, furrowed and pierced deeply. Like the Mother Each, AMMA bore the blunt and abuse in many instances. AMMA even when exposed to situations that could place her life in jeopardy, little did she react or object to such doings as the biographical records reveal.


This is like the milk cow which gives milk regardless of neither the way it is treated nor the type of fodder given. Cow ever tends to be gentle, and sourceful whatever the mortal does to her. Likewise, AMMA blessed and graced one and all or everyone alike whatever is their attitude or treatment one meted out to HER even if evil or gentle. Human attitude hardly is a matter of concern for AMMA being the loving MOTHER OF ALL, which she is of all life, and the entire existence.


Having seen this uncommon, extraordinary posture of AMMA several believed that AMMA'S ways shall be so for centuries, even before HER advent and ever after too. Quite a few tried to present this unprecedented positioning of AMMA, but few succeeded in reflecting the basic truth of AMMA, the mystique, HER method and mode which are beyond the understanding of the lesser, unknowing humans.


Even so AMMA always shows us the path out of this worldly misery and leads us to the safe shore out of this ocean of bondage and suffering that covers us all around. AMMA while doing so overlooks all our frailties and base deeds.


HER benign looks always hover on us and protect us till we reach the end of this fleeting life and reach the goal to merge in her. In this course, AMMA suffers, endures us all like the Mother Earth that bears the brunt of all life and living with little discrimination.


AMMA too leads us in this earthly sojourn without any reaction, nor being mindful of our personal virtue, goodness or otherwise. She tends to be personification of forbearance and dispassion like the proverbial ANASUYA. In essence the earth (avant and Anasuya, the fount and source or the embodiment of dispassion are but one and the same.


We bow to such uncommon, Mother, AMMA without a parallel anywhere.


(Adapted from song No.19,Amma Katie Avani Gaadha by Brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma in his book Anubhava Saaram, Page 21).


M. Dinakar
Mother of All (English) | vol.11 | July-2012, | No.3