There is a loud hue and cry about wars--- how inhuman they are, what colossal loss they cause and what havoc they create. What about internal wars that have more sinister sequences, that tip the scales from the human to the bestial? Amma speaks about it.


Brother: Amma, do you think there will be more wars? Do you foresee many changes in the future of the world?


Amma: Nothing has reached a crescendo. Let us wait and see.


Brother: so you think there will be wars?


Amma: A war need not necessarily be between two countries. There is a war in every heart, in every house, at every juncture, amongst all brothers. Only we give different names to this. If a man kills another man, we call it a murder. If members of a group quarrel and kill each other, we call it a fight .On a larger scale, if one nation fights with another, we call it a war. The names given are different. The underlying feeling of hatred is the same. There is an incessant, unpleasant conflict all the time.


Brother: will this change viagra reviews?


Amma: Yes, the last three decades have witnessed lots of changes. Attitudes are more positive. Politics have taken a turn for the better. People have become more inquisitive.


Brother: do you think there is an increase of love or hatred?


Amma: No doubt hatred is on the increase, but love is also abundant—growing proportionately. Devotion and spiritualism are taking deeper roots .There is a quest, a thirst to know the unknowable. There is a noticeable vibration—a chetana- in every heart. We do realise that there is an internal war, a conflict that must end sooner or later.


AMMA Tho Sambhashanalu